motion unlimited VR PROJECT uses innovative technologies to develop compact motion simulators that deliver very realistic results. Developed for simulation, gaming or training with 2D & 3D simulation software.

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Update your X6 Simulator

by the end of 2019 and Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows 7.
Upgrade your X6 Simulator to Windows 10 now.
New simulation games, upgrade your system now.
All information about the change and new games

New Virtual Reality Games for Oculus Rift & Project Cars, etc.

– Anniversary prices: Your advantage up to 15%
– The X6 celebrates its 10th anniversary
– Limited Edition with bonus material
– 3 X6 simulators still available
– Special prices on the occasion of the anniversary

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Motor Racing Games, Flight Simulation Games, Motion Rides
Games Casual Games, Real Fantasy Games, Network
Gaming Industry & Real Time Presentation

After Sales Support
Development & Production

Cross Media Programming
Complete Turn-Key Packages
Coin-Box Operating System

Six Degrees of Freedom (6 D.O.F.) roll/pitch/yaw/heave/lateral/longitudinal
The X6 simulator is completely made of aluminium and equipped with industrial components for a long maintenance-free service life. Different controllers can be exchanged quickly and easily. With its own weight of approx. 130 kg, it carries persons up to 150 kg. 

X6 (Version 2) Ultimate 6-axis simulator
Authentic driving like a real vehicle with amazingly realistic movements. You’ll be thrilled. You’ll feel the full movement every time you drive. Tested by professionals! You haven’t controlled a motion simulator yet? Here you experience pure reality! The blue LED lighting gives the X6 a very special touch during the simulation. Single or in a double pack, with a small set-up size, two or more pilots can drive against each other in the network at the same time.

Fun? Hightech? Inside!
Fully Mobile 6-Axis (6 D.O.F.) Simulator
– One4 Three & More Simulations Games & Virtual Reality Experiences
– Flight Simulation: Gliding, Cessna, Boeing, Combat Jet, Helicopter, Air Race
– Real Fantasy/Casual Games: 3D Space Simulation
– MotionRide: RollerCoaster, Product Presentations, Discovery Trips
– Racing Simulation: Motor Racing, DTM, Rallye, City
X6-CRS (Version 3)
– Real Time Simulation
– Automatic Control
– Control Regulate System
– Feedback Control System
– Exact Positioning
– Motion Cueing / Wash-Out Filter
– Elevator Effect (e.g. Helicopter Simulation)
– Simulation Motion & Controlling Technology
– Automatic Person Weight Adjustment
Ready for all simulation games
The simulation games benefit from the latest technology and advanced physics systems. In the X6 Simulator you experience a ride like on a real race track with real physics values, incredibly realistic. The graphics regarding realism sets spectacular standards.
Computer Systems
High-quality technology and industrial quality. We use high-quality PC/Shuttle systems, Windows 10 operating system, powerful graphics cards for continuous use and on demand..
For each vehicle type or flight model, an individual profile and acceleration values for beginners, amateurs and professionals can be created via the interface to simulate an even more realistic gaming experience.
High-quality controllers for race simulation e.g. Logitech G29, for flight simulation by Saitek or Flight Link. A single X6 simulator can be used with various controllers for race simulation, flight simulation and motion rides.
Race Seats
Usually RECARO seats or original car seats with locking device are used. Customer wishes are gladly considered.
Picture output
Over 42″/52″ screen, projector on screen, virtual reality with Oculus Rift (requires special PC and graphics card)
On request, the X6 Simulator can be equipped with additional features such as Bass Pump Shaker (for more vibration), sound system, LED or RGB lighting. An SDK (Software Development Kit) can be purchased to develop your own games or for customization.
The X6 is a high-quality and TÜV-tested simulator “made in germany”.