Helicopter Simulation

Sophisticated helicopter simulations with X-Plane, alternative with Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Unrivalled levels of reality and versatility, even more realistic flight characteristics. With the help of blade element theory, X-Plane accurately calculates the aerodynamic features of all surfaces that create lift and thereby offers some extremely realistic flying physics. In addition, realistic water texturing with atmospheric effects such as water reflections and volumetric fog; the high resolution of textures guarantees an absorbing and realistic flying experience.

Network Gaming

Enjoy the challenges of flying against an adversary on the network.

For professionals and for training, users can be offered corresponding washout filters that are attuned to the flight characteristics and achieve the highest possible level of realism.

With our new plugin, we can also offer follow options:

– we can configure different missions, endless opportunities
– user panel, instructor console
– different buildings, manipulability customs buildings
– attitude/heading reference system,
Ralso for extreme flight manoeuver

– timekeeping
– damage simulation
– air combat, impact detection
– high resolution texture sceneries
– detailed replica from real landscapes