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X6 Simulator - worlds best multifunctions simulator |

motion unlimited

VR PROJECT uses innovative technologies in the development of compact motion simulators, resulting in extremely realistic effects. Designed for a wide variety of simulation, gaming and training applications with 2D & 3D simulation software.


Professional Simulators & Event Moduls

Personal Ride in an Art-World Simulator


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Known from the media and television
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Motor Racing
Flight Simulation
Motion Rides
Roller Coaster
Off Road Driving
Traffic School

3D/5D Rides
Industry & Real Time Presentation



Wir programmieren Ihr Casual Game für Events GAMES
Motor Racing Games
Flight Simulation Games
Motion Rides Games
Roller Coaster Games
Casual Games
Real Fantasy Games
Network Gaming
Industry & Real Time Presentation


3D Products
Selling & Leasing
After Sales Support
Development & Production
Cross Media Programming
Complete Turn-Key Packages
Coin-Box Operating System
Industry & Real Time Presentation

Six Degrees of Freedom (6 D.O.F.) roll/pitch/yaw/heave/lateral/longitudinal
The X6 simulator is fabricated from aluminum and fitted with hard-wearing components for long durations of maintenance-free operation. A variety of controllers can be quickly and easily exchanged. With the machine itself weighing only 130 kg, it is capable of carrying persons weighing up to 150 kg. The X6-CRS is intended for heavier loads.

X6 (Version 2)
The ultimate 6-Axis Simulator. An authentic driving experience, it feels just like a real vehicle with stunningly realistic movements. You will be amazed when you sense the full movement of every driving maneuver. Tested by professionals. Never steered a motion simulator before? This one offers total realism. The blue LED lighting lends the X6 a special atmosphere during the simulation. In single or twin-pack: because it requires only a small amount floor space, two or more drivers can compete with one another on the network.

Fun? Hightech? Inside!
Full motion 6-axis (6 D.O.F.) Simulator – One 4 Three & More
Experience virtual reality with 2D/3D simulation – try the 6-axis full motion simulator!
Flight simulation: Glider, Cessna, Boeing, Fighter Jet, Helicopter, Air Race …
Real Fantasy/Casual Games: 3D Space Simulation …
Motion rides: Rollercoaster, 3D Cinema, Underwater voyages of discovery …
Motor racing simulations: Motor Racing, DTM, Rally, City …

X6-CRS (Version 3)
– real time simulation
– automatic regulation
control regulate system
– feedback control system
– precise positional determination
– motion cueing / wash-out-filter
– elevator effect (e.g. for the helicopter simulation)
– simulation motion & controlling technology
– automatic weight adjustment

Ready for all simulation games
The simulation software profits from the latest technology and advanced developments of the physics. With actual values for physical attributes, your experience on the X6 simulator is just like on a real racing circuit. It is unbelievably realistic. The graphics set a spectacular visual benchmark, contributing further to the realism. Programming of custom simulation software, casual games, motion rides, “personalized” sections of scenery from aerial photography.

Computer system
High-end technology of industrial quality is built into the X6 chassis. We also incorporate high-end PC/Shuttle systems, which are custom-produced with high-performance graphic cards for continuous service, Operating system: Windows 7 (German or English), produced to comply with the respective requirements with the powerful graphic card for long durations of use.

A personal profile can be defined for the interface of each vehicle type of aircraft model containing the acceleration factors for beginners, amateurs and professionals, to simulate an even more realistic ride.

A variety of top range controllers are employed for the simulations e.g. Logitech G27 for racing simulations and products from Saitek for flight simulations.

In most cases we install seats by RECARO in our simulators, but can alternatively include actual automobile seats with forward/back adjustment rails.

Bass-pump shaker with powered subwoofer unit
5.1 sound system with built-in speakers
LED or RGB illumination
Motion theater – seating system
SDK (development kit)
HDD movie action
3D simulation

Picture output
42″ 2D display
55″ 3D display
60″ 3D designer rack with TV elevator
Projection screen and projector
Touch screen

The X6 is a high-quality and officially certified simulator “made in germany.”
download X6 brochure (PDF)



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